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proposed leave of absence puts additional burden on employer

Wisconsin state senator Alberta Darling has proposed a new bill that will provide up to six weeks of unpaid time off for employees who are donating an organ. This would apply to companies of 50 or more employees. This sure sounds like a great idea, but we’ve got to look at how this affects business […]

education association president raises issue with pro-Walker t-shirt

A student at Two Rivers (WI) High School wanted a t-shirt to show his support for Gov. Scott Walker. So he went into B&D Embroidery & Screen Printing recently, where he had a shirt made that says “Scott Walker My Hero” on the front and “He’s Got Nads” on the back. He wore the shirt […]

US Commerce Association award is bogus

So, have you received your award yet? I did: From: “Board of Review” <> To: Date: 20 Aug 2009 07:03:21 -0700 Subject: Second Notice: SMC Net Receives 2009 Best of DePere Award Earlier this year, I sent a notification email to you recognizing that SMC Net had been selected for the 2009 Best of […]

support Doyle in removing film industry incentives

Governor Doyle signed legislation in 2006 to provide incentives that will attract the film industry to Wisconsin. Most state citizens understand the benefits of such a deal. If a film company can make a movie in Wisconsin cheaper than in another state, then perhaps we can get that business here in our backyard. Fine. Sounds […]

Chase is losing me

Chase Bank has now declined charges on my Visa card twice due to what they define as suspicious activity. Here’s the deal. I have this Visa account for my business, smcNet LLC. I’ve had the account since 2002. I never use the credit card in person. It’s an account I use to pay for my […]

let bad companies fail

I’ve been watching the story about GM, Ford and Chrysler closely for the past few weeks. All three automobile companies are experiencing some serious financial problems, and as such, are trying to convince the U.S. congress to bail them out. It looks like the companies are indeed going to receive some kind of help, though […]