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Lucky me!

You know, I thought I always knew what Thanksgiving was all about. After all, I’m a 50-year-old Christian man with a great family, a stable job and a comfortable home. What else could Thanksgiving possibly mean? Well, my mother passed away 3 months ago. And while most of us in the family have always known […]

my DVR schedule

Well, it’s a new year and I’ve updated my DVR recording schedule. These are the shows that I’m watching every week: Mondays: 8:30pm Mike & Molly, CBS – a great new comedy about a couple of overweights dating, good writing Tuesdays: 7:00pm Glee, FOX – still one of the goofiest shows on TV, but love […]

today is Priesthood Sunday

In recent years, Catholics started recognizing those men who have responded to the call to priesthood. Priesthood Sunday is a simple way for us to reflect and be thankful for these gentlemen who have done so much to make our world a better place. Most Catholic priests will never be famous. Most won’t make much […]

leave the octomom alone, and me too

Alright, I know Nadya Suleman has done some things that warranted national attention, but does that mean that we now have to hear every little detail about her life? And how long does this need to go on? I heard last week that she got a tatoo. And now this morning, one of her kids […]

embarrassing my daughter is my job

So check out what happened when my youngest daughter, Randy (15), and I were out raking in the front yard this afternoon. The kids are still on a mini-Easter break through today, so we had to get the lawn raked. My truck was parked in the street in front of my house. We live two […]

away again on Valentine’s Day

As a founding member of the GQ4 Barbershop Quartet, I spent the last eight Valentine’s Days (and nights) away from home, as we toured northeast Wisconsin delivering Singing Valentines. The four of us had a ton of fun doing it, but it always meant that we were away from our wives and families on this […]