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away again on Valentine’s Day

As a founding member of the GQ4 Barbershop Quartet, I spent the last eight Valentine’s Days (and nights) away from home, as we toured northeast Wisconsin delivering Singing Valentines. The four of us had a ton of fun doing it, but it always meant that we were away from our wives and families on this […]

here we go!

We’re heading into the Christmas weekend, and the Crevier family will be busy again. One day with my sister-in-law in Iron Mountain, MI, Christmas Eve at my Mom’s house in Green Bay, Christmas morning here at home with the girls then over to my Mom’s house again, and the day after Christmas at my aunt […]

web cam is born again

I fired up my web cam for the first time back in 1998. It is the first web cam ever to broadcast from De Pere, Wisconsin. Two years ago, I bought a new computer and last summer I moved my office to the basement of my house. With these and a few other changes in […]