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Making A Murderer leaves many questions unanswered

Well it was bound to happen. I’ve got to chime in on the Netflix series “Making A Murderer.” While I have many very specific concerns, I’m only going to address some higher level thoughts along with a few comments about some of the key players. Guilty or Not Guilty or Innocent? I don’t know. I wasn’t […]

changing how I use Facebook

I’m changing the way I use Facebook. My current usage has taken me in a direction that is quite different than what I had originally intended when I created my account back in 2006. I’ve decided to do two things. First, I’m going to unfriend dozens of people and unlike some pages and leave a […]

my DVR schedule

Well, it’s a new year and I’ve updated my DVR recording schedule. These are the shows that I’m watching every week: Mondays: 8:30pm Mike & Molly, CBS – a great new comedy about a couple of overweights dating, good writing Tuesdays: 7:00pm Glee, FOX – still one of the goofiest shows on TV, but love […]

there is no deadline for Wisconsin’s no call list

All the media outlets in northeast Wisconsin are saying that the deadline to sign up for the Wisconsin No Call List is today. This is not true. TV stations are reporting it. Newspapers are reporting it. But it’s just not true. Here is a quote from the Wisconsin No Call List web site: Consumers can […]

leave the octomom alone, and me too

Alright, I know Nadya Suleman has done some things that warranted national attention, but does that mean that we now have to hear every little detail about her life? And how long does this need to go on? I heard last week that she got a tatoo. And now this morning, one of her kids […]

Tim Russert was the best, the real deal

My favorite TV news man died today. Tim Russert was the NBC Washington bureau chief, and for the past 17 years, moderator of Meet The Press. Russert was at the NBC studios in Washington this morning when he collapsed from a heart attack, what his doctor called a “sudden coronary thrombosis”. He died immediately. When […]