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home sweet home

It was a good trip. It’s 9:20am and I’ve been home for an hour. Not bad. It was an 18½ hour drive home, with only 3 stops for gas. We didn’t stop for meals. The hot familiar shower felt awesome, though not nearly as good as the hugs and kisses from my queen and three […]

wireless hot spot

It’s been a challenge finding a free wireless hot spot on the way home. We tried the Tennessee welcome center rest area near Memphis, but the guy didn’t know what a wireless hot spot is; not very welcoming. Then we stopped at the Flying J truck stop on I-55 in Matthews, MO because they have […]

New Orleans, last day

We’re now heading north on I-55, just north of Jackson, MS. I’m hoping to connect up at a wireless hotspot somewhere along the way this evening. Today went well. We ended up only working on the one house all week, with the goal of getting all the walls up and mudded. And we did well. […]

got the photo!

We got the photo. Definitely the best moment of the trip, watching Paul look at the laptop screen and see his grandson for the first time. Immediately, he said, “it’s his mother”, as he wiped a tear from his eye. He immediately saw the resemblences in Ethan’s face. What a day. It doesn’t get any […]

almost done

Interesting day on the job today. My crew went back to the same house again to try to finish up. We finished all the dry walling, but there is still a bit of mudding left to do. We may go back tomorrow, or we may just drop off a couple people there and then the […]

it’s a boy!

The best news that’s happened since my last post is that last night at dinner, Paul Albers got word that he’s a grandfather for the first time! If you’ve ever met Paul, you’d agree that he’s already got an infectious smile, but today he’s glowing. I couldn’t be happier for him. He’s going to have […]