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Wisconsin Rustic Roads tour

The state of Wisconsin has designated 108 portions of highways and county roads throughout the state as Rustic Roads. A Rustic Road is typically a lightly traveled asphalt or gravel road that highlights the state’s natural beauty. This program, established by the Wisconsin state legislature in 1973, helps to preserve the natural features of the […]

there is too such a thing as safe ice

It’s that time of year, March in northeast Wisconsin, when the annual tradition of ice fishing starts to taper off. As temperatures gradually get warmer, the ice gets thinner and simply melts away for the summer. So local authorities are issuing their warnings to fishermen. Now, I’ve never been an ice fisherman, but I know […]

we took the plunge

It seems that whenever I spend time with my buddies in the Our Lady of Lourdes Mens Group, it’s always a good day. Back on Dec 31, one of the guys e-mailed the group, offering up the idea of doing the Polar Plunge to help raise money for Special Olympics Wisconsin. Fast forward to yesterday, […]

skiing down memory lane

I used to ski quite a bit in my younger days. When I was 20, I kept my skis locked in the rack on the roof of my Buick Skyhawk all winter. It was easier that way, since I used them at least once or twice a week. But as a married father of three, […]

duct tape camper lives on

My daughter, Randy, and I built our duct tape camper two months ago. It was a fun little project that we worked on together. We took it camping and had a lot of fun. Of course a duct tape camper gets a bit of attention in any campground, so we enjoyed showing it off to […]

the Crevier Christmas Light System

Had some fun today putting up the Christmas lights with my daughter Randy. Last year, we came up with a new way of hanging the Christmas lights on our house, a way that makes it quite easy to hang them every year. So this year was a snap. Rather than explain the details here, I’ll […]