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when will we stop this madness and fix our country?

I sent this letter to U.S. Senator Ron Johnson earlier this week regarding the appointment of a Supreme Court justice to replace the deceased Antonin Scalia. I also posted the text on Facebook, which started up a significant discussion on the state of politics in our country. In that discussion, I wrote two additional posts […]

why a private e-mail server?

When Hillary Clinton was U.S. Secretary of State, she used her own private e-mail server to manage her work e-mail. Many reports show that her e-mail address was “”. Now that she’s running for president, her use of that server seems to be her biggest stumbling block. Many are saying that she sent/received messages containing […]

President Obama’s argument for a minimum wage increase is incomplete

This video from the White House illustrates the problem with arguments in favor of raising our minimum wage. It makes no mention of the financial impact on the companies who are paying the wage. It mentions a woman who earns a minimum wage along with a number of very specific examples, but it doesn’t mention […]

inheritance is not an excuse for failure

I thought I was done hearing this crap. Harvey Weinstein, an American film producer, was on Piers Morgan tonight, talking about many issues, one of which was the economy and President Obama’s lack of solutions. In his opinion, he said, “he inherited this”. What kind of crap excuse is that? He “inherited” this? Seriously? Listen, […]

newspaper headline is irresponsible and deceiving

The headline on today’s Green Bay Press-Gazette reads “SENATE BYPASSES DEMS”. What a downright crock of crap. The article is from the Associated Press, written by Scott Bauer. Other news outlets picked up the same article using the same headline, while others chose more appropriate headlines: Wisconsin Republicans cut collective bargaining, Real Clear Politics Wisconsin […]

education association president raises issue with pro-Walker t-shirt

A student at Two Rivers (WI) High School wanted a t-shirt to show his support for Gov. Scott Walker. So he went into B&D Embroidery & Screen Printing recently, where he had a shirt made that says “Scott Walker My Hero” on the front and “He’s Got Nads” on the back. He wore the shirt […]