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Wisconsin Rustic Roads tour

The state of Wisconsin has designated 108 portions of highways and county roads throughout the state as Rustic Roads. A Rustic Road is typically a lightly traveled asphalt or gravel road that highlights the state’s natural beauty. This program, established by the Wisconsin state legislature in 1973, helps to preserve the natural features of the […]

Wisconsin is not alone with its budget problems

While we in Wisconsin battle over our state budget issues, I’ve been reading a bit about how other states and municipalities are handling their issues. We’re certainly not alone here in America’s Dairyland, and it’s interesting to contrast Gov. Walker’s solutions to those of other governors and city leaders. Here’s what I found: Illinois – […]

great protest signs in Madison

As the state of Wisconsin faces a $3.6 billion budget deficit, and Gov Scott Walker proposes changes, thousands of taxpayers descended on Madison, our state capital, to make their voices heard. Many brought signs to convey their messages. These are some of the best: This take off of the “Don’t Tread On Me” flags of […]

it’s easy to be a small part of something big

As I’m reading through the January 2010 monthly newsletter of the Knights of Columbus Abbot Pennings Council #3955, an overwhelming feeling hits me, and that’s the feeling of pride. I’ve been a knight for six years. I remember back when a friend of mine recruited me to become a member of this group. Though he […]

Styx still rocks!

Tricia and I saw Styx at the Brown County Fair on Thursday night. It was a fantastic concert, well beyond my expectations! Styx has been my all-time favorite band since high school. The first album I ever bought by any artist was The Grand Illusion by Styx in 1977. I actually got it on cassette […]

Dutch 16-year-old honored for care of U.S. soldiers’ graves

This is one of those stories that’ll simply warm your heart. I heard about it on CNN this morning, and while looking for more info on the internet, found that the one web site that has the story seems to be down. The story was written by Marianne Hale of The News Enterprise in Shelbyville, […]