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an unborn baby is a life, and it matters

I was reading an article today about abortion and the gender-based stereotypes that exist. But I quickly found that this article makes the same mistake that many do. It neglected to ask the REAL question about abortion. I don’t know anyone who believes it’s okay to kill a person (I know there are killers out there, […]

Arizona’s SB 1070 misrepresented

I recently received an e-mail asking me to support Isaiah 58 Summer, an effort that is under way to protest Arizona’s SB 1070 bill. What a sham. Their web site twists the verbage of the bill in a way to serve their own purpose. First, right at the beginning of their home page, they say, […]

it’s easy to be a small part of something big

As I’m reading through the January 2010 monthly newsletter of the Knights of Columbus Abbot Pennings Council #3955, an overwhelming feeling hits me, and that’s the feeling of pride. I’ve been a knight for six years. I remember back when a friend of mine recruited me to become a member of this group. Though he […]

today is Priesthood Sunday

In recent years, Catholics started recognizing those men who have responded to the call to priesthood. Priesthood Sunday is a simple way for us to reflect and be thankful for these gentlemen who have done so much to make our world a better place. Most Catholic priests will never be famous. Most won’t make much […]

we took the plunge

It seems that whenever I spend time with my buddies in the Our Lady of Lourdes Mens Group, it’s always a good day. Back on Dec 31, one of the guys e-mailed the group, offering up the idea of doing the Polar Plunge to help raise money for Special Olympics Wisconsin. Fast forward to yesterday, […]

it’s been a good week

What a week this has been! Two significant events this week have filled my heart with gratitude and hope. First, it’s difficult to describe how inauguration day made me feel. The only thing I can think of is to tell you the words that come to mind as I reflect on the day: moved, inspired, […]