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Green Bay Packers rings

With the Green Bay Packers victory in Super Bowl XLV earlier this year, the team and Jostens have made some pretty cool commemorative rings available for fans, season ticket holders and shareholders. These are all available from the Packers Pro Shop. I thought it would also be interesting to show  couple of other rings made […]

St. Norbert College wins Mens Ice Hockey National Championship

The St. Norbert College mens ice hockey team won the NCAA D-III National Championship yesterday at Ridder Arena in Minneapolis. My daughter Randy and I have had season tickets for several years, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to attend our first Frozen Four this weekend since it was held just 280 miles west […]

Green Bay does not have tradition of naming streets for Super Bowl coaches

Two days after the Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV, Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt held up a sign at Lambeau Field and announced that he wants to rename a city street “McCarthy’s Way”. This announcement is causing much discussion and debate in and around Green Bay, and I want […]

I’m not buying it, well, okay, I guess I am

On January 22, 2010, the Green Bay Packers announced that they would raise ticket prices for the 2010 season. My tickets increased $9 each. I’ve got the highest price sideline tickets, at $72 last year. Now they’re $81. I’m not happy about the whole thing, but I want to explain. The Packers have the lowest […]

Brett Favre can still redeem himself

So, Brett Favre’s season is over. As for his career, who knows? I’ve done my share of critizing Favre for his decisions over the past two years. I’ve even slammed him a bit via twitter. So, here are my final thoughts on Favre after this season. First and foremost, let’s agree that Favre had a […]

Brett Favre interview speaks volumes

So Brett Favre gave an interview with Joe Buck today on Buck’s new HBO show. I’ve seen a couple of video clips from the interview, and I’ve read some of Favre’s comments. It’s very clear to me that all Buck did was give Favre a platform to say whatever he wanted. He didn’t ask the […]