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it’s been a while

Well, I’ve been off the radar for a bit on my blog. I’ve spent the past six months in so many other activities; I’ve had so much to say, but I’ve just been focusing my energies elsewhere. I filed my papers to run for De Pere City Council in December, and spent the next 4 […]

duct tape camper coming along well

Had a busy weekend. I suppose the main thing I did was work on my duct tape camper. Yep, you read that right. My daughter and I are making a camper out of duct tape. And we’re going camping with it next weekend. No photos today, but not to worry, photos and videos are coming.

so much to blog about

Geez, I’ve been meaning to get at my blog for weeks. I’ve got so many thoughts building up in my head that I’m gonna explode. It’s been too long since my last entry, and it’s been a busy month. I guess it makes sense that the busier I am, the more I have to blog […]

my $400 day

What a week. Anyone who knows me well knows that I frequently misplace stuff. I’m always looking around the house for something I just had. Tuesday morning was no different. I was getting ready to walk out the door and head to work, and I couldn’t find my glasses. I looked everywhere. So I just […]

lost 20 pounds!

I stepped on the scale back on May 3, as I do on ocassion, and the needle moved around to an all-time high of “255”. And I figured, that’s about enough. So I decided to get healthy. I used to be in pretty good shape, 25 years ago. Tennis was my game. I played in […]

top 10 favorite movies

We were just sitting around the family room today talking about movies, and my daughters were asking about my favorite movies. I’ve got several favorites, so I figured I’d write them out and rank them. 1. Apollo 13 (1995) Ron Howard – Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, Gary Senise, Ed Harris. I’m a big […]