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we must save WiscNet

Today I’m writing about an organization working largely behind the scenes to provide technical services to your children and your community. Perhaps you’re not familiar with WiscNet, but those of us who earn a living in the information technology field, especially in Wisconsin education, know about and greatly appreciate WiscNet. Frankly, we depend on them […]

changing how I use Facebook

I’m changing the way I use Facebook. My current usage has taken me in a direction that is quite different than what I had originally intended when I created my account back in 2006. I’ve decided to do two things. First, I’m going to unfriend dozens of people and unlike some pages and leave a […]

Google Contacts or MobileMe

I use Google Search, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google Voice, Google Maps, Google Profile, Google Analytics, and other products owned by Google (YouTube, Panoramio). So, why would a guy like me pay $99 a year for the past two years for MobileMe Contacts? Simple. Google has totally missed the mark when designing their contacts […]

what is a retweet?

If you’re a regular Twitter user, then you’re familiar with retweets. And though you may know how to retweet, do you know what a retweet means? I retweet quite often, and occasionally, followers who see my retweets are quick to jump to the conclusion that I believe or agree with what was said in the […]

trying out BlogWriter

I’m trying out another new app on my iPod Touch today. This one’s called BlogWriter. It allows me to write blog entries that get published from my device. No need to visit my web site. This blog is a self-hosted WordPress blog, so I’m pleased to see that it works well with my setup.

had to restore my iPod Touch

Something funky happened on my Touch a couple days ago. I had had about 5GB of music and videos on there, along with photos, apps and other content. After syncing, I noticed that it now had no music or videos, but 5GB of stuff in the “Other” category of the iTunes capacity meter. All of […]