lost my SD card

My PDA is a Dell Axim X5. One of my favorite features is that it’s got both an SD card slot and a CF card slot. I have a 1GB card in each, so I’ve got plenty of room for stuff. I use the SD card as extra space to install apps, and I use the CF card to hold MP3 files and other miscellaneous crap.

Last night, I was trying to check my RSS feeds on my PDA, and my RSS reader wouldn’t run. I quickly figured out that it was because my SD card was missing. Hmmm. After a bit of thought, I recalled that last Friday, I took my motorcycle to work. As I pulled out of my driveway, my PDA came loose from my belt clip and fell to the street. I had stopped and picked it up, but I wondered now if maybe my SD card also fell out at the same time without me noticing.

So this morning, before work, Randy and I looked around in the street out in front of my house. I figured that it had not rained in over a week, so if it was still out there, I just might get lucky. Sure enough, I found the remnants of an SD card that had obviously been run over numerous times. It was in several pieces. Crap. The good thing is that I found it, the mystery is solved, and I can rest knowing that my SD card is not in the hands of some stranger poking around in my data.

The bad thing is that I lost my 1GB SD card. So I just put it behind me and bought another one today at Sam’s Club.