singing a lot lately

Holy crap. I really got into blogging for a short while then zap. I got way busy. Mostly singing.

As mentioned in previous entries, I sang with the choir that performed with John Michael Talbot at the Meyer Theatre back on Sep 2. That was a lot of fun. I was fortunate to meet Joe Hand, the bass player in that band. He is a great Christian musician on his own, and I highly recommend his CD “Everything and Nothing“.

I also filled in with a barbershop quartet to sing on the annual show for the Pride of the Valley barbershop chorus on Sat Sep 17. We rehearsed a couple of times per week for several weeks, and I think we did pretty well in the concert.

My barbershop chorus, the Fox Valleyaires, has also been quite busy. We won the Packerland Division chorus contest last spring, and now we’re preparing for the district competition on Oct 22 in La Crosse. We rehearse every Tuesday night.

And the fourth singing group that I’ve been working with, my favorite of all, is the GQ4 Barbershop Quartet. Brian and Chris and I have been singing together 5 years now, rehearsing weekly. We just recruited Kelly, our new bass, in August; so we’re a full quartet again. We’ve been so busy playing catch up with our repertoire, making sure Kelly gets up to speed in time for some gigs we’ve got coming up. We’re also learning tons from Kelly too, so we’re loving it. It’s fun working on Christmas music a few months before Christmas. And we just recorded a TV commercial for a local restaurant. Busy busy busy.

So with all that singing and rehearsing going on, my head’s been spinning. But the two concerts in September are over, and I’m now back to just singing with GQ4 and the Fox Valleyaires.