still gettin’ old

Well folks, I got bifocals yesterday. I guess I’m just not getting any younger.

For about the past year, I’ve had a tougher and tougher time reading. Text in the newspaper was just getting blurry. Reading books and articles at work was just getting harder. So I finally went for an eye exam back on October 25. The doctor told me basically two things. First, I’m ever so slightly near sighted. If I were to get regular glasses, they would be the weakest prescription that they give. As for close-up vision, like reading, I need reading glasses. She said this is nothing major, that many folks start to need reading glasses as they reach their 40s.

So, I got reading glasses. They were awesome. I could finally read the newspaper with the text as clear as could be. But I started to find that when I needed my glasses, I didn’t have them. If I was at work, I left them at home. If I was at home, they were at work. No problem, I just bought a second pair. That helped, but the situation kept happening. I was at the DMV filling out paperwork; it didn’t do me any good to have one pair of glasses at home and another at work.

So I finally decided to get bifocals. This would insure that I always have my “reading” glasses with me. Now, check this out, I’m a very smart guy. When I went to pick out frames and lenses, I took my wife and two of my daughters with me. I sat on the stool and told them, “pick one out for me.” I figure that they’re the ones that have to look at me all the time. So they picked out some glasses and that’s what I bought. $338. I didn’t realize that they would be that expensive. Oh well.

I just picked up the glasses last night after work, and I guess they’re okay. It’s hard to get used to them. Kinda clumsy actually. They told me that when I’m walking up the stairs, be sure not to look down ‘cuz I’ll fall. So I just gotta get used to which part of the lens to look through when. Sometimes you just gotta teach an old dog new tricks.

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  • Hey Scott

    Just re-found your blog! I started with bi-focals about a year ago (I am now 47) You’re right, the stairs are a problem – but stick with it! For a few weeks I figured I’d never get used to the specs – now I don’t even realise they are vari-focal. They are a great help!

    Go Pack!

    North Yorkshire, UK