finally, a digital camera

Well, I’m catching up to my kids. I finally bought a digital camera last night. I’ve been wanting one for years. I always wish I had one when I’m out performing with GQ4, and it would be handy to have one for general photo taking around the house, holidays, special events, etc. It would also make it so much easier for me to put photos on my web sites.

Kodak Z740 Digital CameraSo I shopped around a bit, and I ended up buying a Kodak Z740 from Sam’s Club. This one has all the features that I need. I like the SD card slot. I love the 10X digital zoom; we take a lot of photos of my daughters at sporting events, and the zoom will make for much better photos. And it has many other little features and gadgets that are fun to play with. I also found a review by Steve Sanders to be very helpful. He talks about all of the features and even published some photos and videos that he took with the camera.

The price at Sam’s Club was also quite competive. I ended up paying a total of $365, which included a dozen AA lithium batteries and a 1GB SD card. At 5 megapixels, I should get about 625 photos on the card.

I’ve been playing around with it a bit, getting used to all the functions and features. Can’t wait to start taking some real photos now.