mission accomplished. really?

It’s been 1,071 days. You remember the day right? President Bush lands on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. He steps out of the plane onto the deck wearing his flight gear. Then he gives a moving and patriotic speech that would make any American proud. Behind him, a red, white and blue banner reads “Mission Accomplished”.

Mission AccomplishedThe first sentence of his speech consisted of the typical “thank you’s” to those in attendance and to all Americans. The next two sentences were, “Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.” You can read a full transcript of the speech and even watch the video on the White House web site.

I just don’t know if I agree. I supposed it depends on what your definition of “major” is. According to CNN, there have been 2,551 coalition deaths to date in Iraq, including 2,344 Americans. The majority of these deaths have happended after major combat operations ended. And estimates say that over 30,000 Iraqis have lost their lives (it’s easy to forget about the loss of human life when they are the “enemy”).

I voted for Bush, and I support our efforts in Iraq. And I can’t tell you how proud and grateful I am for all of the men and women wearing the uniform, protecting my right to author this blog. I just have this feeling that Bush has not been very forthright about Iraq. I feel that there’s more information that we’re not being told.

Why didn’t Bush tell us back in 2003 that we’re going to be in Iraq for many years to come? It’s certainly true isn’t it (after all, we’re still in Korea)? So why doesn’t he just come right out and say it?