web cam is born again

I fired up my web cam for the first time back in 1998. It is the first web cam ever to broadcast from De Pere, Wisconsin.

Two years ago, I bought a new computer and last summer I moved my office to the basement of my house. With these and a few other changes in my computer network, my web cam project kind of fell by the wayside.

Scott's Web CamSo, I finally spent a little time on it again and it’s back. I run the web cam whenever I’m here in my office. It’s usually just in snapshot mode, taking a new picture every 200 seconds. But once in a while, I flip it into live video mode.

What’s different this time though, is that I now have 4 cameras in my house and 2 outside. I’m setting up a way that we can watch video from any of these cameras over the internet.Also, my barbershop quartet rehearses here once a month; so I might set it up so that people can watch the festivities on our web site. No audio yet though.