CNN Pipeline is a great tool for news junkies!

I just subscribed to CNN Pipeline. This is one of the greatest new uses of internet technology I’ve seen in a long time. I’m a cable and internet news junkie. I usually have 4-6 Firefox windows open at a time, one of which has 16 tabs, each one being a news site (, Google News, CNN, NPR, etc). Now, with CNN Pipeline, for $25, I get access to all kinds of CNN news video footage for a year.

CNN PipelineYou start by downloading and installing a custom application. It’s based on Windows Media Player (which isn’t my favorite, but works well for Pipeline). It shows 4 live video feeds in small 124×68 windows. When I click on one, it shows that video feed in the larger 464×260 window. I can see all 5 windows simultaneously.
In addition to the live video, the application also provides a list of dozens of available news stories, ranging from 3 minutes up to about 12 minutes each. They are all categorized, so I can basically create my own news broadcast, with only stories I’m interested in. I feel like a kid in a candy store!

And, if you don’t want to run the application all the time, there’s a system tray icon that notifies you of any breaking news stories. I’m hoping they provide video of NASA shuttle launches; then I won’t have to visit the NASA web site for that.
If you’re into news and politics like me, you gotta check out CNN Pipeline.