Governor Doyle tramples on the memory of dead soldiers

So, perhaps you saw the headline. Great headline, after all it is Memorial Day.

Doyle signs bill granting free tuition for Wisconsin veterans

Gee, that sure sounds great doesn’t it? What a patriot. Who could disagree with that? Me, that’s who. The bill does not set aside funding.

Listen, I totally respect our veterans. I never served in the armed forces, and I’m free to write this blog entry because of the sacrifices of those who died for our freedoms. And I actually do agree with the premise that our veterans should get some kind of tuition benefit at state universities.

But Governor Doyle should be ashamed of himself for exploiting Memorial Day for his own political gain. He signed this bill knowing that he has no way to pay for it. That’s the oldest trick in the political handbook. According to several sources, UW System and Wisconsin Technical College system leaders have said that this will cost the state $9 million annually. Who’s going to pay? Other non-veteran students, that’s who.

Come on, think about it. The tuition is not free, it can’t be. Someone has to pay for the education. All Doyle did today is decide that veterans’ tuitions will now be paid by non-veteran students.

I applaud the veterans who have spoken out saying that this state law will help them. God knows the federal government doesn’t pay our soldiers enough. And I’m also in favor of helping veterans with tuition. But let’s be fiscally responsible. Let’s figure out how we’re going to pay for something like this first, instead of rushing into it so that we can exploit a holiday when we should be honoring our dead.