back in to racquetball

I’ve needed to add excercise back into my life for quite a while now. So it made sense to get back onto the racquetball court. My wife and I used to play a lot when we were still in California. We usually played at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley. She actually taught me to play 20 years ago and it was great because we were pretty evenly matched, and either one of us could win on any given day.

racquetball courtI’ve played a bit since I’ve been back in Wisconsin, but that kind of faded away. But I’ve been working at St. Norbert College for a couple of years now, I can use our facilities on campus at no cost. It’s just dumb not to.

I started playing with my next door neighbor, Ben Boncher. He’s pretty new at it, but we had a good match last week. I’m also playing on Thursdays with my friend Dean Raasch. Dean and I are pretty even. We have some pretty long rallies and each point always seems to be a good workout. I’m also gradually remembering the rules; that helps a bit.

I’ve now played three matches since I’ve been back in the swing. I won all three, so I’ll brag now because I’m sure it won’t last. Dean just got a new racquet, so who knows?

My body is holding up. I’m feeling a few aches and pains, but they are good pains. If you’re game for a bit of exercise, let me know.