best match so far

So today I got out of bed with a pretty nasty charley horse in my right leg. It hurt a lot, but got a bit better as the day went on at work. So I went ahead with my weekly racquetball match with Dean. As it turned out, the excercise really helped my leg feel better.

Dean won our first game 15-6. But I won the second game 15-9. So this was the first time we’ve had to go to a tie-breaker. Dean won that 11-9. So even though I lost the match, it was definitely the best match we’ve played so far. A lot of great exercise and definitely a good workout. Now if they could turn the air on in the courts, that would be nice.

I need to get some protective gear now. I got nailed pretty good today and it didn’t feel too good. So I gotta get some goggles before I lose an eye.