Alright. I’m sick and tired of the term “breaking news”. It is so over-used in northeast Wisconsin that it no longer has any meaning. It used to be that when I saw the words “breaking news” on the TV screen, I would stop and listen; now, I usually just change the channel.

I watch mostly NBC26 around here, so perhaps my frustration should be directed more at them than at the media in general in this area. Regardless, I’m tired of it. NBC26 is owned and operated by the Journal Broadcast Group. I usually watch it in the morning while getting ready for work. And they’ll have some “breaking news” story, and then they’ll have the exact same “breaking news” story on the evening news but with no new info. How can the same information be “breaking” in the morning and also that same night? They’re just trying too hard to look important.
And what’s the definition of “breaking” anyway? Doesn’t it have to be important? Like maybe the mayor in the hospital? Or a business on fire? Or a new pope? A traffic accident is news, not “breaking news”.