having a great season!

What a season. We seem to be busier than ever this year.

Deer hunting was quite fun this year with my daughter. It was the first time she carried a firearm. She didn’t shoot. I got a few shots off, but they were about 140 yards away and moving too fast. So, no deer this year.

GQ4 hasn’t been too busy this Christmas season. We didn’t do any mall strolling as we’ve done in past years. But we did a few Christmas parties, and we’re doing the national anthem at six sporting events between now and the end of January. New Years Eve, we’ll be singing the anthem at the Green Bay Gambers game. It will be our 40th game. Next month, we’re doing some UWGB basketball games and also a St. Norbert hockey game. We like the SNC games because we also do the Canadian national anthem, which is a beautiful song.

Our family always goes to get our Christmas tree on the first Saturday in December. Well, that didn’t work out too well this year. We all had something going on, so we just got it on Sunday instead. It was still quite nice. We go to Whispering Pines tree farm in Oconto. My daughters like video recording the activities while their old man cuts the tree down. It was nice this year because my Mom was with us too. I wish she would spend more time with us.

Now I’ve just got one or two last minute gifts to buy, and I’ll be all set for Christmas. As busy as we are, we still eat dinner together most nights, and we still manage to spend some good quality time together.
Merry Christmas.