the Mass

Very cool evening. Fr. Tim said Mass for our New Orleans-bound group tonight at 7:30 at Our Lady of Lourdes. This Mass was planned at the last minute, and due to some other family happenings, my wife and two of my daughters couldn’t join me. But I was glad that my youngest daughter and my Mom could be there with me. Fr. Tim had a great sermon, with a bit of a twist that I didn’t expect. He talked about seeing and accepting the light of Christ, and then continued by suggesting that the folks who we are about to help in New Orleans will perhaps see the light of Christ in each of us. I was originally just figuring to go there and help out, not expecting to carry the burden of the light of Christ. But if that’s the message of hope that we’ll bring to these folks, I can’t wait. I’m even more proud now to be joining my fellow Christians on this trip.