keeping the faith, even in a storm

If you haven’t heard, Central Florida (in the southeast corner of the United States) was hit by massive tornadoes on Friday. Reports say that winds were up to 200 MPH and that 20 people were killed.

Lady Lake Church of GodWhat if this happened to you? Would you still have faith in God? The folks at Lady Lake Church of God in Lady Lake, FL didn’t miss a beat. Their church was destroyed, but the congregation was there this morning, as they are every week, for 10:30 service. Yep, they held services among the rubble.

Said Reverand Larry Lynn, “That’s just the building. The people are the church.”

Florida Governor Charlie Crist cancelled his plans to be at the Super Bowl today in Miami (southern Florida), so that he could celebrate with the people at Lady of Lake Church of God, and honor the memory of those killed.

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What a heart warming story. It will take a while to rebuild Lady Lake and central Florida, and they’ll need some help, but we certainly don’t need to worry about their residents. With the unbroken faith that they share, they are showing our country and the world exactly how to make it through the tough times.