finally, some great local news

WFRVIf you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve got to check out This is our local CBS affilliate (owned by CBS) in northeast Wisconsin, and their web site was recently rebuilt. They’ve done a fantastic job of making a site that is lean and loads fast. Their inclusion of video clips from their news casts puts them right up there with the likes of CNN. And they make it very easy to link to their stories and videos.

The assumed leader in local news has historically been the Green Bay Press-Gazette. But they have frustrated me over and over again through the years by removing news stories from their web site. I maintain many web sites, and link to many news stories, and nothing frustrates me more than a company that makes a practice of pulling the rug out from under other web developers. They should welcome the fact that other web sites like to link to them, after all, it’s free traffic to their site, which means more advertising revenue. But for some reason, they just don’t see it and they keep deleting stories, leaving broken links all over the web. Plus their site is way too busy, and takes too much time to load.

I digress. Bravo to WFRV! You’ve done it right. Keep up the good work.