did you vote today?

Today is election day here in De Pere, Wisconsin. Many folks around these parts don’t even know that. This is one of those election days without any major/controversial issue or office on the ballot.

Our neighbors to the north, in Green Bay, have a couple of interesting questions on their ballot. They are deciding if they want to build a 5th high school. That’s been quite the controversial issue. The superintendent wants it. The former principal of East High School says it’s not necessary, not yet anyway. As for me, I don’t live in Green Bay, so I have no say in the matter. That’s just as well.

voteHere in De Pere, we’ve got two questions on our ballot: one to select a state supreme court justice and another to select county executive. These are primaries; each office has three names on the ballot. The top two vote-getters in each election will square off again in the general election in April.

I know many folks who don’t vote regularly. And I’ve got two feelings about that, one personal and another philosophical.

First, I absolutely don’t consider it a priviledge to vote. Priviledges can be taken away. No, voting is a right. We Americans own this right, one that many folks around the world would die to have. And for that reason, I feel it’s a slap in the face to such folks if we don’t vote. How great it is that we select our own leaders!

Second, I also believe that just as it is our right to vote, it is also our right to not vote. Some folks simply prefer to allow their neighbors and others in the community to select their leaders, for whatever reason. And while I firmly believe in this right to not vote, I still believe that such people are slapping non-free citizens around the world in the face when they do this.

I love election day. It’s a great day to be an American!

That said, this proud American voted today. I hope you did too.