racquetball’s the same after 20 years

My wife and I celebrated 20 years of marriage last week. It was actually pretty low key, but we did manage to go out to dinner together, just the two of us.

What’s even more cool is that we played racquetball this week. You know when you have those times when you’re doing something nice or fun, and it just brings back some good memories? Well, I started up with racquetball again, after a 2 decade hiatus, just a couple years ago. I’ve been playing off and on with a few friends and neighbors to give this body some exercise. But this week, Tricia and I played twice, and it was as fun as it used to be.

When I moved from Wisconsin to California back in 1985, I was a tennis player. But I met Tricia a couple of months after I moved there, and she taught me how to play racquetball. Out there in SoCal, they have a lot of outdoor handball courts everywhere, which we easily used for racquetball. So we would play at Mile Square Park, right across the street from the apartment complex where I lived in Fountain Valley. But we haven’t played since those younger days, and it was great to get back on the court together again.

One vivid memory I have is getting hit with the ball all the time. And it was just like old times this week. On Tuesday, Tricia hit me 4 times, plus one that startled me as I heard it whiz by my ear. No mercy from her though; the ball hit the front wall then the right side wall, then bounced and I missed it as I tried to recover from near death. She took the point. We played again yesterday and I came away without a scratch, though one of her shots did actually scrape the side of my head. 20 years goes by fast.

Hopefully we’ll play more. It’s a good workout and I love playing. I gotta get a new racquet though.