baptized by the Bishop

me and Casey at LambeauMy daughter, Casey, and I went to the Packer game together tonight. The Packers played the Jacksonville Jaguars in their 3rd pre-season game. I’ve got to show you this cool photo. No, not the one over there on the right…the thumbnail below.

Early in the 2nd quarter, Packers rookie Desmond Bishop made a nasty hit on the Jaguars’ Reggie Williams. Williams had just caught a pass, when Bishop nailed him. Williams body stopped and dropped immediately, while his helmet continued its forward motion. If you saw it on TV (or in person), it’s a hit you’ll never forget.

So, immediately after it happened, I turned to Casey and said, “did you see that?”. She said, “no, I was playing with my camera, what happened?” So I told her, and we watched the replay together on the JumboTron. Then Casey looked back at her camera to see the photo she just took. Holy cow!

baptized by the BishopThis is one of the coolest digital photos I’ve ever seen. Be sure to click the thumbnail here to see the larger version. Notice that both Bishop (green jersey #55) and helmetless Williams (white jersey #11) are in mid-air. And Williams’ helmet is also airborne, near Bishop’s right hand. This is so cool.

The Packers web site has a related story. And here’s a video from YouTube: