racquetball return match #2

I played racquetball again tonight. This is the second time I’ve played now since my arm has healed from the break. Friday night was good. Tricia and I played a match and there was no pain. Though my arm was a bit sore on Saturday.

So tonight Tricia and I played doubles with the Konshaks. We were back at the scene of the crime, same court, same players, almost 6 weeks since I tripped over Paul. But tonight it felt pretty good. We played two matches. Actually, we just tend to keep playing games until someone feels like being done.

Tricia and I won the first two games, and I think we lost the second two. My arm was actually pretty sore when we were done. I hit the ball much harder than Friday night. I also served a lot harder. But it’s now been about 2 hours since we finished playing, and the soreness is gone.

So, I’m pretty excited. I love playing racquetball, and now I gotta start calling all the guys on my list and get some games going.