it’s just a white guy, go ahead, discriminate

Geez, I don’t know why we do this. We are all so sensitive in this country, the United States. We try so hard not to discriminate against women. We don’t like when we see discrimination against minorities. We even have federal laws that protect us from such behavior. All good stuff.

But what about the white guy? I’ll tell you what: no one gives a crap. So, what’s the latest example of this nonsense? I’m glad you asked.

The WNBA has a new team in Atlanta this year. The team is owned by Ron Terwilliger. So, as the owner of any new team must do, he’s looking for a coach. Dennis Rodman, former NBA player, expressed interest in the job. Did Terwilliger interview him? Nope. Sure, he said that he doesn’t think Rodman is qualified. But he went on to say “we’d prefer to have a woman coach since it’s a women’s league.”

What kind of crap is that? Can we do that? Is it okay in this country to say that the coach of a sports team must be the same gender as the players? This is the problem with discrimination in this country. We don’t prosecute the offenders. Here’s a guy who’s doing it out in the open, and no one cares because he’s not discriminating against women or minorities. He’s only discriminating against men, no big deal.

It’s illegal! This scumbag needs to go to jail. Wake up America!

(See also: “Screw The White Guy“, 06-Jun-2006)

(Clarification: while the example I provided in this post is of discrimination against men, the title of the post goes to my overall frustration regarding discrimination against white people and men.)