getting ready to go

There are 39 of us making the trip to New Orleans this year. Unfortunately, that’s one short of what it was supposed to be. Pat Jacobs, my aunt, couldn’t make the trip. Aunt Pat is another one of those great women in my family, not too different than my Mom. And as Mom put it, when Pat makes up her mind to do something, nobody’s gonna stop her. Well, she had decided about a month ago that she was going to make the New Orleans trip this year. But earlier this week, she broke her wrist. I had hoped she could still go, but it just didn’t work out. I’m disappointed, but not as much Aunt Pat. She was already packed and ready to go.

I’m also bummed that she didn’t get the chance to meet more of the great folks from our parish who are making the trip. Aunt Pat and Uncle Larry are life-long Ashwaubenon people. But they bought a house in De Pere a few years ago and joined Our Lady of Lourdes. And I recall that one of the best parts of the trip for me last year was meeting more people in our parish who I hadn’t known. So, we’ll make the journey without her, and while most other people in the group don’t know her, I’ll be thinking about her every day.