worked hard today

Another great day. I slept quite well last night. I’m sleeping in a small classroom with Rick Schaeffer, Bob Krezwina and Bob Gorig. Plenty of power for my CPAP machine, and to charge my cell phone and laptop computer.

Catholic Charities didn’t have anything for us for breakfast though, that sucked. I had a cup of coffee with cream, but it turned out that the cream is French Vanilla flavored, horrible, had to dump that, and not other cream was available. So I started the day with no breakfast and no coffee. They also are supposed to provide sandwich supplies so we can make a sandwich to bring to the work site for lunch. But no lunch food either. So for lunch, we went to McDonald’s. Hopefully, we get the food situation cleared up for tomorrow.

All 39 of us met up with the folks from Catholic Charities at St. Raymond School at 8:00. They split us into 7 crews, each crew with a leader from either Volunteer Corps or AmeriCorps. My crew went to a house not far from here. Our group leaders, Alex (female) and Andrew are great. They’ve been volunteering here for a while and seemed to have things well in order. Once at the house, we split even more to cover the work that needed to be done. Denis VandenHeuvel, David Brooks and I hung drywall all day. It was great. Denis has some experience doing this kind of thing, so I learned a lot from him. We drywalled a ceiling around a fireplace. Then we did the side wall around the back door, including some trim and corners. And we started a wall in the kitchen. We’re going back to the same house tomorrow to continue where we left off.

While at the house today, Paul Albers and his crew showed up. Paul’s a professional plumber, and the house we were in also needed plumbing work. So there were actually 11 of us there today. Things went quite smoothly. Janice Loehlein, Rick Steeber and Greg Shad were also on my crew, and they worked on mudding the drywall all day. Other crews did similar work at other houses, including painting. Ed Skoldberg sent Janice out to McDonald’s around 9:00 this morning and bought us all beverages. Fantastic! I got my coffee.  We finished up by about 3:45 and headed back to the school.

The weather today was great. Sunny and mid 70s.

Catholic Charities is providing dinner for us, though I know a bunch of folks are going out tonight. We didn’t know what to expect, since there was no breakfast or lunch. Denis and I just finished eating the dinner here, stuffed peppers and carrots. It was quite good. The peppers are stuffed with some kind of meat mixture that contains shrimp or something. Not really sure what it is, maybe alligator?

 I’m gonna stay in tonight. I don’t normally spend all day on my feet, and they are pretty sore. I still need to shower (I actually worked up a sweat) and find a hot spot to upload today’s and last night’s blog entries. Then Denis and I were thinking of watching a movie. There’s a TV here, we brought some DVDs.

It was a great first day of work.