it’s a boy!

The best news that’s happened since my last post is that last night at dinner, Paul Albers got word that he’s a grandfather for the first time! If you’ve ever met Paul, you’d agree that he’s already got an infectious smile, but today he’s glowing. I couldn’t be happier for him. He’s going to have his family e-mail some photos to me today so I can get them onto the computer and show him.

We started out the day today with a great breakfast. I had some danish and toast, and coffee. Still no cream though, so I drove down to the Shell station at 5:45am and bought some Cremora. So I had my requisite cup of coffee. They also had food here for us for lunch, so I made a ham sandwich and took a few Oreo cookies. But now as I write this, it’s 5:10pm and a bunch of us are in the kitchen still waiting for dinner to be delivered. Hopefully they didn’t forget.

My crew went back to the same house today, and did much of the same work as yesterday: drywalling, mudding, finishing. I’ve learned so much about drywalling from Denis, and we’ve had a lot of fun working together these past two days. The others in our crew also continued their work from yesterday. There’s also a retired couple from Kansas here in town helping out, so they’ve been with us this week too. I don’t know where they’re staying. They just said they came because they’re retired and have time and want to help.

One great thing about today is that the homeowner showed up. Her name is Diane, and her son Raymond was with her. She was so happy to see us there. I had a chance to talk to her for a short while, and just like last year, it’s so nice to meet the homeowner and see how grateful they are. It truly touches my heart and makes me feel glad that I came. I thought about Aunt Pat and wish she could have made it. This conversation with Diane is what it’s all about. I took a picture of her talking to Janice, and Diane made a fuss about how she looks. Nothing against Janice, but none of us on the crew are spending much time looking nice. We’re here to work, and we’re dressed to work. Diane looked fantastic.

I’m finishing up my writing for the day, and Mike just told us that the dinner for tonight will be frozen chicken things that need to be zapped, and leftover stuffed peppers from last night. Doesn’t sound that great. We’ll see.

Tomorrow, we’ll go back to the same house and probably finish up by noon. After that, who knows?

Many congrats to Paul and Valerie Albers, their daughter Ashley, and the rest if their family.