Senator Clinton doesn’t understand “illegal”

Alright, now I’ve heard it all. I’m watching the Democratic presidential debate, broadcast on CNN from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. This is a great debate, because the Democratic field has been narrowed down to Senator Barak Obama (IL) and Senator Hillary Clinton (NY). So you really get a chance to know what these candidates are all about.

Immigration is one of the hottest topics in the United States, and when describing her position, Clinton said, “The House of Representatives passed the most mean-spirited provision that said if you were to give any help whatsoever to someone here illegally you would commit a crime. I stood up and said that would have criminalized the good samaritan and Jesus Christ himself. I have been on record on this against this kind of demogoguery, this mean spirited-ness.”

She just doesn’t get it. Clinton, just like Rudy Giuliani, doesn’t understand the first word in “illegal immigrant”. It’s not “mean-spirited”, it’s the law. If you are in the United States illegally, you’re committing a crime. And if you help someone come here or live here illegally, you’re also a criminal. That’s the law of the land, I’m not making this stuff up. It doesn’t matter what the crime is. If you help someone embezzle money, you’re a criminal. If you help someone steal a car, you’re a criminal.

She did get one thing right though. If Jesus Christ or the good samaritan helps someone commit a crime, then yes indeed, they are a criminal too. There is no provision in our statutes that says otherwise.

There is no way Hillary Clinton can solve or even suggest a solution to our illegal immigration problems if she doesn’t even know what an illegal immigrant is.