great things happening in this community

It’s been a month since I last wrote, but I’ve been thinking a lot. Quite a lot. And I realize that this blogger has been doing a lot of complaining and ranting lately. I don’t know why. I suppose it’s political season and I’m seeing and hearing a lot that I don’t like. But tonight, I’m going to reconcile these recent thoughts by talking about a few great things that I’ve experienced in recent weeks.

West De Pere High SchoolFirst of all, and a bit overdue, the West De Pere High School Pom & Dance team won two WACPC state championships in La Crosse on Feb 2. My two oldest daughters are on the team and they’ve worked so hard all year. I was so proud to cheer them on at all four competitions during December and January. Then I saw them compete at regionals in Oshkosh on Jan 26, where they won their 12th straight title in Division 2 Pom. They also won a 2nd place in the kick category.

So then they went on to state. I should also mention that due to increasing enrollment at their school, they were bumped up from Division 3 to Division 2 this year. But that didn’t stop them from winning the state championship in both Pom and Kick. My oldest is the captain on the team and in her 4th year. I’m so happy for her to go out with such a great record. What a year!

The second event that I was quite proud to be a part of was my middle daughter’s Confirmation. She’s also on the dance team, and the day after their state championship, she was confirmed by Bishop Robert Morneau at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church. I was so proud. This is the coming of age event for Catholics. I’ll always be here for her when it comes to her faith, but she’s making her own decisions now. She’s forming into a fantastic young woman.

GodspellAnd lastly, I saw Godspell at Notre Dame Academy last night. What a performance! The main cast is Jesus plus twelve others, and each one of these high school kids is so talented. There are many solos in this musical, and they each sang so well. What’s amazing is that the musical is two acts, with each one being one scene. So for each act, all thirteen performers are on stage for an hour with no breaks, no curtains. And they each performed their parts to a tee, an obvious sign of dedication and top notch rehearsals. The most powerful scene was the end. Jesus died on the cross and was carried off the stage. It really made me feel truly grateful for what that man did for me over 2,000 years ago. My hat is off to the cast and crew at NDA, for their ability to make me laugh, and touch my heart at the same time.