everything is breaking news at NBC26

The big news around these parts today is that Brett Favre announced his retirement from the Green Bay Packers. The story broke on the internet at 8:30am, with further stories and confirmations throughout the day. By noon, it was old news, and the only new stuff appearing on the internet were stories from various sportscasters’ perspectives, quotes from teammates and coaches, etc.

So I got home from work, and what did I see on the 6:00 news? NBC26 has “BREAKING NEWS”. I noticed it while flipping through the channels, so I stopped to see what happened. Sure enough. Nothing. Their “breaking news” was Favre’s retirement. NBC26 is notorious for this crap. So I brushed it off as just another reason I don’t watch NBC26 news anymore.

Then, being the news junkie I am, I was flipping through the channels at the beginning of the 10:00 news. And what do you think I saw? Yep. NBC26 is still reporting the retirement as “breaking”! You can see in the “breaking news” screen shot above that it’s 10:04pm. This story broke 12 hours ago! There’s nothing new, certainly nothing breaking still at 10:00 at night. Who do these people think they are? They’ve got their own definition over there. To me and most people I know, “breaking” means news that is happening right now. And this is the definition that all the other news stations use; I know because I watch them.

If you see “breaking news” on NBC26, don’t believe it. You can only cry wolf so many times, before the viewing audience catches on to your scheme.

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UPDATE 05-Mar-2008 7:02am

My morning source for news is Morning Express with Robin Meade on CNN Headline News. But I also flip through the locals just to see if there’s anything new happening around here (like school closures, etc). And guess what I saw on NBC26. Yep. News that happened yesterday is still breaking news today. Brett Favre retired. Geez.