don’t need government to solve this one

Last year, Governor Jim Doyle (D – Wisconsin) launched a statewide anti-smoking initiative. It’s in the news this week because a state Assembly committee voted Tuesday 6-3 to send a proposed statewide smoking ban to the full Assembly. Groups like the Tavern League of Wisconsin are against the ban. And there are of course groups that are in favor of the ban.

I’m a non-smoker, and I prefer not to have smoke in the air when I’m eating dinner. But I don’t need the state government doing that for me. I’m not 3 years old. This is so simple. I just eat dinner at restaurants that don’t allow smoking. Period. That’s all there is to it. No legislation needed. Problem solved. And if you smoke, just have dinner at a restaurant that allows smoking. I don’t know what’s so difficult about this.

If your work place allows smoking, and you don’t like it, work somewhere else. If your work place doesn’t allow smoking, and you like to smoke at work, work somewhere else. This isn’t rocket science folks. And we definitely don’t need to waste government resources on it. What gets me is that the people who talk so big about this issue are the same people that won’t even ask the simple question, “do you allow smoking?” before they visit an establishment. Just ask.

I’m so tired of people who want the government solve all their problems. All they want to do is make government bigger. Government should not solve for its citizens a problem that the citizens can solve for themselves. The free market and capitalism can solve this problem. We don’t need a law.