Osgood & Harvey, a great daily news combo

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I’m a self-proclaimed news junkie. As such, I don’t like listening to music on the way to work in the morning. I much prefer to listen to a good news program.

Well, I’ve been at my current job at St. Norbert College for four years now, and my drive each morning is only one mile. So it’s a bit of a challenge finding a good way to squeeze some good radio news into that short time window. I’ve finally nailed down a good routine, so if you happen to live in northeast Wisconsin, and you happen to drive to work during the same time I do, then perhaps you’d also appreciate the shows I listen to.

I leave home between 7:15am and 7:20am each morning, with my car radio tuned to WHBY 1150 AM. They broadcast The Osgood File at about 7:22am, a program by Charles Osgood who’s been on CBS Radio for 37 years. Osgood is a pretty straight reporter. On his show he covers one major story, exploring it a bit more in depth than your typical radio news story.

Then at about 7:25am, I switch the radio over to WOWN 99.3 FM where there is always a Beatles tune playing (really). But then they cut off the Beatles to play Paul Harvey News & Comment. Harvey has been on the radio for 50 years. His show features about a dozen stories, each mostly brief, but with his own twist and perspective.

In case you’re doing the math, this is much more news than what could fit into a brief morning commute. I frequently sit in the parking lot at work until Paul Harvey is done.

After reading the major news stories on the internet the night before, and watching a couple news programs on cable, it’s refreshing to listen to the radio each morning, and hear stories that I hadn’t heard. I enjoy hearing the perspectives from two great broadcasters like Charles Osgood and Paul Harvey.

(If you want to read a good story, check out the history of WHBY radio.)