12 years and still going!

Hey, it’s March 28! You know what that means right? It was back in 1996, after about about six months of messing around with web pages on this cool new thing called the worldwide web, that I decided it was time to register my own domain name.

I remember sitting at the desk in my house in Santa Ana, California, trying to figure out what would be a good domain name for me. Crevier.com was already taken by the BMW dealership just around the corner from my house (I would later find out that Robert Crevier, the owner of that dealership, is my 8th cousin twice removed). So, I settled on scottcrevier.com.

A good domain name has a few simple characteristics. First, it has to be easy to remember and say. Second, it has to be easy to give out to someone over the phone without explaining it (no dashes or tricky spellings). And third, it has to stand the time test, a name that will be around for a while.  I nailed it.

This site has come a long way. I toyed with blogging several years ago, but didn’t really start doing it on a regular basis until 2006. If you want to take a look at how scottcrevier.com has changed over the years, check out the Way Back Machine.