making videos for YouTube

I’ve been messing around with various methods of creating videos for YouTube for about a year and a half now. I’ve had varying success, but I recently started taking recorded DVDs and putting clips on YouTube. And the process has been clumsy, until now.

Here’s my situation. I bought a video capture card three years ago, so I can play DVDs into my computer and record them to a digital format. I use Ulead VideoStudio, the software that came with the card. It works quite well. I can capture any audio/video that I give it, even live TV. And I can do some minor editing. But the resulting files are huge.

For example, I recorded a 2 minute story from the local news last night, and created a 117MB MPG file. The quality is great, but the file is just too large to work with. YouTube has a max file size of 100MB, but even so, such a file takes quite a while to upload.

I had searched off and on for the past couple years, and just never found the right solution, until last night. I found a program called SUPER (Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer), and I found a video on YouTube that explains how to use it. SUPER is absolutely free, and it converts files from many formats to a smallish MP4 suitable for upload to YouTube.

I strongly recommend that you try it out. I used it last night to convert my 117MB MPG file to a 17MB MP4 file, perfect for uploading to YouTube. And the quality is great. You can even use it to convert videos that came from your digital camera.

Many thanks to unclebenie, the author of the YouTube video, and to eRightSoft, the makers of SUPER.