election day in De Pere, Wisconsin, USA

Another election day today. Voting is the ultimate American pastime. I love going to the polling location, where I know a number of people by name. I see my neighbors there working, voting, chatting. The poll workers greet me by name, “hi Scott, where’s that DVD you said you were making for me…” What a great community. We’re all in this together. We go to the polls a few times a year and select our leaders. What can be more American than that?

ballot sampleAnd I don’t even care who my neighbors are voting for. I fully respect the fact that we are diverse and have many different backgrounds and perspectives. After all, even though the folks I vote for don’t always win, I’ve still had a pretty good life. Put a Democrat in office, the Republicans are right there to keep them honest. Put a Republican in office, the Democrats are right there keeping an eye on things.

I’ve always been a registered Republican, but I frequently agree with Libertarians on various issues. And even though our current system pretty much insures that our president will always come from one of the two major parties, we’re still better off for hearing the points of view of Libertarians, Green Party members and others. And let’s not forget that there are many non-partisan offices on our local ballots. I know there are many people holding positions on our local school boards, sheriffs departments and other elected positions who are not Republicans or Democrats.

I’m going to do something today that I’ve never done. I’m showing you my ballot, revealing to you how I voted. And if you want to know why, I don’t have any better reason than “because I can.” There are hundreds of thousands of people in this world who can’t do what I did today. There are people who write blogs like this one, but can’t reveal who they voted for. But I’m an American. I voted, and I’m proud to show you my ballot.

I hope you voted today.