playing lots of racquetball

I’ve been playing racquetball quite regularly for a couple of years. Some weeks, it’s difficult to schedule the time, but lately, it’s been going well. Here’s my court time for the past week:

Wed 3/26 – doubles with my wife and some neighbors
Thu 3/27 – singles against my cousin Tim
Sat 3/29 – singles against my neighbor Dean
Sun 3/30 – doubles with my wife and some neighbors
Mon 3/31 – singles against my friend Chris (cancelled though)

I was kind of bummed when Chris had to cancel yesterday. But I’ll be back to it on Thursday. I’ve been playing pretty well too. Chris is pretty athletic and plays well.
Dean and I are pretty evenly matched. Against him, I have to work hard for my points, and anyone can win any game. Against Tim, I’d have to say I’m better, but he’s only been playing a short time and he definitely improves each week. No point is a gimme though, and it’s great to spend more time with my cousin, instead of only seeing each other at Christmas.

Now, if I can add some good eating habits to my exercise, maybe I’ll get into shape.