the pope’s visit

Knights of ColumbusPope Benedict XVI will make his first papal visit to the United States in 2 weeks. I had been browsing around the web looking for some details on his trip, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Knights of Columbus have developed a nice web site with details, photos, maps, ticket information, etc. You can find the web site at:

Here’s the Holy Father’s schedule in a nutshell:

Tue 4/15 — arrival at Andrews Air Force Base
Wed 4/16 — 81st birthday, White House, Basilica of the National Shrine
Thu 4/17 — Mass at National Park (home of Washington Nationals baseball team), Catholic University of America
Fri 4/18 — 3rd anniversary as Pope, United Nations (New York)
Sat 4/19 — Mass with priests, deacons, religious at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, meeting at St. Joseph Seminary (Yonkers)
Sun 4/20 — visit World Trade Center site, Mass at Yankee Stadium

There’s no chance I can make it to New York or Washington, but it sure would be great if I could see him in person some day.

Pope Benedict XVI