The Real Message of the Millennium

I was just browsing around some old versions of on the Way Back Machine, and I came across this entry I posted back on December 12, 1999. It’s interesting to see this old stuff. See, as blogs go, mine took its current format two years ago. But I’ve really been blogging for 10 years or more, just not in this structured format with dates and categories and such.

Readers Digest, Dec 1999Any way, I thought I’d give you a little blast from the past. I had written about an article I just read in the December 1999 issue of Readers Digest. It’s called “The Real Message of the Millennium” by Paul Johnson. I hope you’ll take some time to read it.

Here are my comments from 8 years ago:

I came across this passage in the December 1999 issue of Reader’s Digest. In this article, historian Paul Johnson talks about the legacy of Jesus Christ. He talks of the “mistery of Jesus’ posthumous success and the endurance of his words.” Johnson’s perspective is sure to set the course for your life in the 3rd millennium. 

We’re only 8 years into the 3rd millennium. It’s not too late.