not surprised about GM plant closings

General Motors announced two days ago that they’re closing four truck and SUV plants in North America, affecting 10,000 workers. Included in the closings is the plant in Janesville, Wisconsin. What surprises me is all the politicians who are stunned by this announcement.

Come on folks, wake up. Think about it. Have you been paying attention to the economy? Do you know how much a gallon of gas costs today? Do you really expect the production of SUVs to be a growing business? We should have seen this coming.

I’m impressed with Governor Doyle’s statement, “Bad corporate decisions kept these lines turning out gas guzzlers as fuel prices went from 2 dollars to 3 dollars and now to 4 dollars per gallon. Now we stand here, carrying the burden of those bad corporate decisions.” I don’t know if I totally agree that there were “bad corporate decisions”, after all demand for gas guzzlers is down, and GM is closing the plants that make them. Sounds like good decision-making to me. But Doyle is indeed looking at this situation from the right perspective. This was inevitable. You can’t blame GM for the problem. If Americans didn’t want SUVs in the first place, they wouldn’t have made them.

All we can do now is figure out how we can help the 2,800 workers from the Janesville plant.