GooSync is pretty slick

On August 1, 2000 I bought my first PDA, a Handspring Visor Deluxe. Actually, ten years earlier, I had purchased a Casio B.O.S.S., but my Visor was the first device I had that synchronized with my computer. So I’ve been keeping my calendar and contacts on some kind of electronic device for 18 years.

I’ve gotten to the point in my life that I don’t go anywhere or plan anything until I first check my PDA. It’s become my activities bible. So of course my wife and daughters have come to know that if they ask me if we’re doing anything on any particular day, I can’t answer unless I have my PDA.

Palm LifeDriveSo, for the past 8 years, I’ve wanted to have a way to share my calendar with my family, without giving them access to update it. I simply want to allow them to view my schedule from any computer on the internet. I’ve seen various attempts and solutions come and go over the years, but nothing worked, until today.

Today, my PDA is a Palm LifeDrive, which I purchased in August 2006. And today, I installed GooSync. GooSync allows me to sync all of my calendar events over to my Google Calendar via wifi. It’s quite simple actually, and since it uses a wifi connection, it’s quite fast. Then in Google, I shared my calendar with each of my family members, and voila, 8 years of frustration have ended. My entire family can now see my calendar from any computer on the internet.

I haven’t yet purchased the premium version of GooSync, after all, I’ve only been using it for a number of hours now. But if things go as they seem they will, I’ll be upgrading to the premium account to take advantage of even more features.

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  • Is there a reason you don’t have an iPhone?

  • Holy cow Jason, you’re venturing into dangerous territory. :) We could discuss this for hours, but I’ll boil it down to two reasons.

    First, I don’t like Apple. I don’t like the way they do business. And I will not buy an Apple product. Now, there’s a lot of history here that I care not to discuss. I don’t dispute the fact that Apple has some great products, and that in many circles, Apple beats the competition. I just don’t like the way they do business.

    Second, and more importantly, I don’t want my phone and PDA in the same device (which is why I never got a Treo). It’s like buying a combination TV/VCR. If the VCR breaks, you have to buy a whole new TV/VCR. Plus, the iPhone commercials did it for me. They show the hands of a guy clicking around, browsing web pages, and then the phone rings; and then it shows quite plainly that he can only do one thing at a time. In my case, if I’m browsing the web, and my cell phone rings, I can answer my cell phone and keep browsing the web. If the caller asks me a question about my calendar, I can look up information on my PDA while still on the phone. I just like them to be two devices.

  • I don’t think I am venturing into dangerous territory.

    Two points back at you.
    1. When are you not in front of a computer to look up your calendar? If this PDA device can using only wi-fi then outside of a hot spot you can’t do anything, Right? So your not browsing the web. I understand that your making your mobile device the remote client but then you will need internet or a computer connection to sync. Its fine you don’t like Apple. But, “I” have to expect the fact that most internet media and information is most accessible seamlessly with their line of products. 6 months ago I owned nothing now I have 3 different apple devices and the fact that other companies and developers allow me to do anything… I just can’t turn my head. I can watch any show, music, run windows, linux… Yes this can be a long conversation. But I will just stop talking, you get it.

    2. You could use a headset and microphone. With this you are able to access any information on the phone and talk. I would not recommend a Treo as a device for any need, the entire device lacks robust functionality. There are not many devices that can offer the type of functionality as an iPhone can provide. The iPhone is more software than hardware. So the analogy with the TV/VCR really doesn’t make sense. I can easily restore the phone to my last sync. If the phone does die I get a new phone and sync the information back. Contacts and calendar information are pulled from various places so there really isn’t a single point of failure. This is very similar to what you have but with two devices.

    The only reason I am replying to any of these posts is because I used GooSync with my Tero over a year ago. Then I played with a Nokia e62. I researched every possible phone. I was looking at phones in Europe, China, Japan trying to fit something that would give me everything. Nothing sync’d well. Contacts were left hanging. Events were missed on the calendar. The iphone changed this. GPS, upload photos from my phone, music, videos, command prompt, little games, and biggest, the ability to easily breeze through my hundreds of contacts. Basically it came down to software.

    That is all. Maybe we can talk later. Its been several years. The last time we talked you thought I was spamming a server of yours… Hope things are going well.