Internet Explorer 7 sucks

Internet ExplorerAt some point recently, I allowed a Windows update that upgraded my Internet Explorer to version 7. This version sucks worse than any other version. I usually don’t care because I’ve been a Firefox user for years. But my bank’s online tools have a glitch, and they will only work in IE. So I have to fire up IE on occasion. And each time I do, it takes me to this web page:

It doesn’t matter that my home page setting is something else; every time it starts up it takes me to the above page. The page says “Are you ready to choose your settings?”. The problem is that there is no way for me to answer “no”. This is just another case of Microsoft trying to make me do things they way they want me to do them, instead of the way I want to.

And now every time I run IE, IE launches an MS web site and they know about it. Microsoft, the true American phishermen.

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