Brett Favre era over? Really? You’re kidding!

I don’t live off sarcasm often, but I just couldn’t help it with the title of this blog entry. Sorry.

Geez. Brett Favre left town today; he headed back home to Hattiesburg, MS. And the headlines on local 6:00 news indicate that Favre has played his last game for the Green Bay Packers. And now everyone is sad (at least the folks that the TV reporters interviewed are).

And this is news? Come on people, Brett Favre retired in March. He’s been off the team and out of the GM’s plans for over 4 months now. The era has been over for 4 months. It’s done. It’s been done.

If you really thought that Favre would be in uniform at Lambeau Field, then you did this to yourself. What ever gave you the impression that he’d be back on the team? Was it something someone said? Or did?

We’ve got 80 guys on the roster. We only had one player “controversy”, and that happens to be the player who retired, and then tried to unretire. This whole situation was Brett Favre’s doing. He had a lot of control here. He could have stayed retired. He could have not retired.

Now that the circus seems to be over, I have one wish, granted it’s hindsight. Brett said he expressed his interest in coming back at the end of June. Knowing everything I know now, knowing how little coverage I’d see of the Packers training camp and the new players in town, I wish Ted Thompson would have released him immediately. We know that Thompson never wanted Brett back, so I wish he would have just cut him and we would have been done with it.

Yes, you’d give up the ability to get something for him in return, and yes you’d face the possibility that we have to play against him. But so what. If the Packers ever play against Brett Favre, the Packers’ defense will be so pumped about it, that sacks and interceptions will be plentiful.

At this point, there are only two possible options. Brett Favre will play for another team, or he’ll stay retired. If he plays, I’ll be one of his biggest fans. I like Brett Favre. He’s the most enjoyable, most exciting NFL player I’ve ever seen, and I’ll always be a fan of #4. Until he plays against the Packers.